15 Inch Industrial LCD Monitor NEMA Mount

NEMA 4 or NEMA 12 available with either protective panel or touch screen models This state of the art color TFT active matrix LCD monitor accepts standard computer interface VGA/SVGA/XGA signals. It automatically… Continue reading

The Omni Vision Blog

RS 343 A Desktop monitor.

Since 1985, Omni Visionhas been serving the needs of industry leaders with standard, customized and retrofit LCD and CRT monitors. Omni Vision’s high quality designs yield reliable yet affordable solutions to applications serving many industries.

• Machine Tool Controller

• Process Controller

• Shop Floor Control

• Medical Equipment

• Instrumentation

• Point of Sale Terminal     

• Mobile Data Communication     

• Banking

• Gaming

 Omni Vision continues to modify or redesign its standard products to meet the unique requirements of its numerous customers. Whether the requirement is case design, mounting configurations, plating, color, bezel size or power requirements, we listen to the customers’ requirements.

 Our sales of continued standard products equals our sales of custom customer select products. Beginning with the design of a reliable product that meets the harsh environments of high temperature and severe shock and vibration, we modify that design for a customer specific solution. 

New Products include the RS 343 A Desktop monitor.